Breakfast in North America

Are you in North America for vacation but you don’t know where to have a great breakfast?


Here we are for you! Find the city in which you are by looking in the following list and discover the place that we suggest for the best breakfast ever!


  • Polly’s On The Pier

    Redondo beach, a pier on the sea, Dawson’s Creek atmosphere, a super american breakfast! Here you will find everything that in the collective imagination represents the sat-spangled breakfast, in a simple and hands-on atmosphere. You should try: buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup combined with a big and fumy cup of american coffee!

recommended by Carolina Rossi


  • Tick Tock Diner

    A brightly-coloured place in big Grease style. Sit down on one of many benches covered and read the menu. You will find some salty options and some desserts uniquely americans: eggs and bacon, bagels, pancakes, toast, american coffee and the inevitable milkshake!

  • Dominique Bistro

    Little place super nice in the heart of West Village. Absorbed in a vintage atmosphere, between exposed brick walls and little flowered balconies, here you can taste a good brunch with american specialty reconsidered in a french way. A good examples are the waffles with smoked salmon and avocado, maybe combined with a fresh orange juice or with the homemade Bloody Mary, served in an original single dose pitcher! Take a look at the menu for brunch clicking on the name of the place above!

recommended by Marta from nyc_pics_and_tips


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