Breakfast in Luxembourg

Are you in Luxembourg for vacation but you don’t know where to have a great breakfast?


Here we are for you! Find the city in which you are by looking in the following list and discover the place that we suggest for the best breakfast ever!


  • Chocolate House by Nathalie Bonn

    A romantic chocolate shop that catches you since the first look. Once you enter, it’s impossible to resist to the tentation of taste a piece of cakes or some pralines: they are wonderful and choising just one it’s pretty hard!

    During the summer days, you can sit outdoor to taste your breakfast; in winter time, instead, you can join the inner room upstairs and you can relax in a warm place. However, the most important thing is only this one: trying one of the Hot Chocolate Spoon! A wooden spoon is stuck in a cube of delicious chocolate; when you choose one, they’ll bring it to you with a cup of hot milk…put the spoon in the cup and it’s a done deal!

    Moreover, this place is located in front of the Grand Ducal Palace of Luxembourg; so you could meet a member of the royal family while drinking your hot chocolate!
  • recommended by Eleonora from Avventure Ovunque