Breakfast in Asia

Are you in Asia for vacation but you don’t know where to have a great breakfast?


Here we are for you! Find the city in which you are by looking in the following list and discover the place that we suggest for the best breakfast ever!


  • C. Through Cafe

    Have you ever tasted a painting by Van Gogh?! You can do it in South Korea, in this very unusual cafè! The barista is a real artist of cappuccinos and he does some masterpieces with coffee and milk cream, creating the creamart. You could taste the Gioconda, the Statue of Liberty, some trees in bloom and a lot of other artworks!

    Don’t worry, we won’t leave you on an empty stomach: with a cappuccino you have to try one of the super cute desserts that this cafè offers!

    Who told that the art can’t be tasty?

recommended by Cristina & Ilaria from GossippArt